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What is now La Foret de Maple nursery and preschool first started as a small family daycare. A collaboration between a husband and wife team, whose vision was to create a place they would love for their own children (at the time, an almost 2 year old boy). They each had something special to offer. The husband was learning to be a cabinet maker, he loved working with wood, and creating children’s play furniture and toys. The wife was passionate about child education, how children learn best, and how to offer them this ideal.

Together, they worked on this dream, and were soon joined by a wonderful community of parents and children. We, as families, shared this common goal for our children, and coming from diverse backgrounds, this is what brought us together.

We started off as a Montessori based daycare, and soon came to appreciate the importance of play in a child’s development and learning and incorporated more of a play-based daycare. The foundation of a pedagogy lies in a creative curriculum. You can learn more about it here.

We chose a small cozy location in Verdun for Maple’s Forest. We wanted to keep that family atmosphere that we feel is so important.

Why Maple’s Forest? When we imagine childhood, we think of splashing in puddles with our rain boots, lifting big rocks in search of worms, licking the spatula clean after baking muffins, thinking and wondering and exploring everything. Maple is a little girl, a child like most children, with these joys, who has good days and bad days, who wants to know about how everything works. We believe the outdoors play an important part in a child’s development (you can learn more about our emphasis on the outdoors here). And hence, the forest, Maple’s Forest, a child’s place of wonder,  place of play,  place to learn.

Join us on this adventure.